Our Story - Online Board Evaluations

OnlineBoardEvaluations was created as a service from Leadership Advisor Group, with the purpose of helping existing clients do online self-evaluation of their board performance during the years when deeper external evaluation is not used. These online solutions are also perfect for boards who are new to board evaluation or want to do a self-evaluation with proven questionnaires. We can help you benchmark your board’s performance year-on-year, or, because we have built up a database of board performance over many years across UK and Scandinavia, we can also show you how your board is doing compared to your chosen peer group.

Self-evaluate your board of directors

Our promise to you

We understand

We work to understand your specific situation and advise on the best solution to meet your needs

We add knowledge

We keep ourselves at the forefront of good governance in UK, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden and conduct many evaluations per year, so you get expert help

We deliver results

We manage the project efficiently and professionally, providing high quality results on time

Our best practice questionnaires and quick reporting help you clarify your board's strengths as well as areas for improvement

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